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Cover Crops

The Ramsey County SCD is excited to announce that they will be a distributer of Cover Crops through Agassiz Seed Co.!!!

Cover Crops are great at increasing organic matter which in turn builds soil health, reducing commercial fertilizer needs along with wind and water erosion, breaking soil compaction along with weed and pest cycles. Cover crops also manage excess water and nutrients in the soil and provide supplemental haying or grazing.


With spring fast approaching producers are making last minute planting plans. Many farmers will have areas within their fields that will not be planted this spring but may be plantable by mid to late summer. Cover crop blends would be a great option to help utilize excess moisture and cycle nutrients while improving overall soil quality.

Cover crops will use water and transpire it into the atmosphere. This will "make room" for additional water to infiltrate and permeate in the following spring. The nitrogen that the cover crops recover from the soil stays in the plant tissue; it does not transpire or evaporate out of the plants. When the plants freeze and die the nitrogen is retained in their tissues until they decompose and it becomes available to the next crop. As an added bonus the cover crops will reduce weed germination and compete with perennial weeds.

A cover crop mix that might be used for flooded lands include deep rooted high water use species such as turnips, radish, sugarbeets, and sunflower. The mix may also include species such as oats, peas, sudan grass, canola, barley, and soybeans. Contact our local NRCS office for help wiht designing site specific mixes and planting dates that will fit your field conditions and crop rotation.